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Experiencing higher temperatures with my rx 580 in 19.1.1

Question asked by pokester on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by pokester

XFX GTS Black RX 580 8gb


EVGA 650w Gold PS

Gskill 32gb DDR 3000

512gb m.2

Windows 10 64 bit Pro  1809 (fully up-to-date)



Forgive me if a thread like this exists already, I searched and did not see one.


So I hadn't done any gaming on 19.1.1 until being snowbound over the weekend. On Friday night I noticed some weird artifacting and stuttering game play, then crashed out of the game, in a golf game I play all the time but wrote it off to maybe the shaders updating since first time played on new driver. So I went to bed after that.


On Saturday I gave the game a go again this time bringing up the metrics overlay notice temps exceeding 80 celcious and 100% GPU usage in the game. This is abnormal for this game, as it typically never exceeds high 60's. In fact I have chill set to keep it that way.  I was also still experiencing the stuttering game play.


I decided to go to Battlefield 5 and experienced the same issue. I was pegged at 100% usage which isn't abnormal in that game on the GPU but the temps were reaching 82 celcius and graphics driver was crashing. I tried Battlfield 1 and it was doing the same. These games normally with my chill settings do not go above 72C.


The only thing I have changed was the driver. So I ran DDU and installed the 19.1.1 driver again and saw no difference.


I ran DDU and reverted to 18.12.3 and all my temps are normal again. So my thought is that something is going very wrong but not sure what. I would return all settings to default and try to figure it out but this card has never under any driver worked on defaults!


So basically my curiosity is if anyone else is seeing abnormal temperatures since installing the 19.1.1 drivers?


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