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PCI Express Downstream Switch Port

Question asked by sebastiankulik on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by lmybobbob

Hi there,

Ive a issues with my X399 TR1950X&Vega64 Win10x64 system.

Start fresh - all works fine, no problems.

After my system goes sleep and wakes up I see in device manager two "PCI Express Downstream Port(s)" with "code 31" warning.

Moreover- some applications rise CPU load up (on fresh start its not a case at all!!), some games (in extreme -Metro Last Light) are fully not usable (CPU Load up to 90%, 3-5 PFS), other applications seems to not correct work etc.


Windows clean installed, updated . Chipset driver: newest, Radeon driver - newest (tried mostly everyone)

Mainboard: Asus X399 ROG - no any issues itself

CPU: TR1950X, tried TR1920X as well- same issue.

GFX: MSI Vega64 Air Boost, tried Saphhire Vega64- same issue.

RAM: Trident-Z 32G Ryzen certified, tried Corsair - same issue.


Can you help, please?


Best regards,