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    wattman settings


      I want to bring my wattman settings.


      Because when the version is updated,

      Fan and temp settings have been changed to a graph.

      I don't know why changed it this way.


      So I want to load the settings that I used in the previous version.

      (check the file)


      *sry my english is poor.



      Can you help me pls?

      thank you.

        • Re: wattman settings

          Your English is just fine and I totally understand your concern. I too miss the previous wattman settings with the simple 'target' slider. This new graph for the fan control took a little getting used to but once I figured it out I actually like it better now. It is the same type as my CPU fan curve in my bios. So my advice is to play around with it until you find your comfortable balance between noise and cooling. For instance, I set my GPU fan curve like this: 15c/35%, 37c/35%, 58c/50%, 75c/70%, and 85c/100%. This is for my 'msi rx580 8gb m2' gpu. I play Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Far Cry 5 both on high settings and my gpu stays around 65c and the fans are not too loud but I can hear them over my headphones. I'm not an expert but I hope my advise helped you.