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    AMD Radeon HD 5800


      Hi! I have old video card AMD Radeon HD 5800. This is a great video card has served me well for about 5 years. Now she began to overheat and sometimes make a lot of noise. I think it's the clogged and poorly functioning cooler. Tell me, what can I do with it? How to clean the cooler? How to lubricate? And how to replace the thermal compound in the GPU? I think the warranty is long gone.

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          Most likely the thermal paste is bad and not working correctly.  Go to Youtube and input your GPU card about reapplying thermal paste. It should show you how to remove the outer covering (cowl) with the heatsink. once you have the cowl off, clean the heatsink coils. Then reinstall with the new thermal paste. Most likely it is four small screws on the outside of the cowl to remove the cowl.


          You mentioned the fan is noisy. If it is a rasping or grating noise it might indicate your Fan's bearings are going bad. So you would need to replace the fan. You can google your GPU card fan and see if they sale any replacements or go to your GPU card manufacturer site and see if they sell any.


          Depending on who manufactured your GPU card, some have Limited Lifetime Warranty like VisionTek. I would contact the GPU card company and see if they sell the entire cowl or go to Ebay and see if they sell the cowl separately or if your GPU card has a limited lifetime warranty on it.


          A GPU card that old wouldn't make sense to spend money on to replace the cowl or fan unless it is still under a limited lifetime warranty. It would be better to purchase a newer AMD GPU card that is still supported by AMD with new drivers. Your GPU card is obsolete without any new drivers. The last drivers are from 2015 and 2016.