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New RX 590 crashes my PC. Buzzing sound then no signal.

Question asked by utkucemdk on Jan 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by katalia369

So I bought a new GPU that is Sapphire RX590 Nitro+SE and it is crashing my pc. When im 5-20 min into a game a buzzing sound comes from speakers and no signal on monitor. But fans keep spinning. PC is still running but with no display and its frozen. And I've seen some people have the same issue with this GPU.


Thermaltake Litepower 650W.

4GB+4GB+8GB 1600 MHz vengeance ram. (tried one by one on different sockets)

FX8320 @4Ghz (tried stock 3.5ghz)

3HDD 1 SSD  (tried all 1 by 1. they're not the issue i'm 100%sure.)

Gıgabyte GA-970a-d3(tried reseating all cables coming from PSU)


PROBLEM: Sapphire RX590 Nitro+SE

*Tried both PCI-E Sockets.

*It is seated correctly tried reseating twice on both PCI-E sockets.

*Cleaned PCI-E Sockets with 100% alcohol. They're probably right now more hygenic than my kitchen.

*Tried last beta 19.1.1 driver and 18.12.2 driver on clean windows.

*Tried plugging to another Power supply 600W.

*Tried running FurMark. At %100  activity PC doesn't crash. But one time when I got bored and pressed ESC in one of the tests to stop, PC crashed.

*Clocks are not OC'd running at default values.


Anyone able to solve this problem ? PC runs without problem when I'm not playing games doesn't matter time. In games theres nothing weird no lag 60 fps ultra graphics in Total war Warhammer 2 for example. Anything comes to mind ? I'm not gonna send this to RMA yet. Takes too much time and I wanna play some games I was deployed for 6 months didn't even touch a PC.

Btw the PC doesn't restart when it crashes. It just sits with no signal on monitor, fans spinning and numlock light on on keyboard. I have to restart It myself.