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AMD APU Overheating

Question asked by ameerasan on Jan 12, 2019
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Hi all,



I have a 3 year old AMD A8 5600k with temperatures reaching 80 degree at idle, goes 125 when opening multiple apps. I set pc to auto shutdown when temps reach 130. It does have a stock cpu cooler with 5 led fans on a tempered glass casing. I was wondering what could be the culprit of this issue. Could it be a poor ventilation on the glass casing? Could be an issue with the stock cooler which probably can't supply cool air to the cpu or could it be an issue with the cpu and mobo itself? I'm using HWMonitor to measure the temperature.


Here's my build:

A8 5600K

Corsair VS450W PSU

1x 8GB HyperFury X RAM

Gigabyte FM2+ Mobo



Your answers are greatly appreciated.