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Green screen not booting super frustrating

Question asked by johnk on Jan 11, 2019

Hello guys first Im sorry for my english. So I bought a very popular combo msi B450 tomahawk /psu corsair 650(more than enough)  /ryzen 5 2600 /ram corsair vengeance 2x8=16gb and the amd sapphire rx 580 nitro 8gb. I read this in every forum and every youtuber that its a matching combo  with great combination of hardware. Then I asked every retailer and they told me yes they should work fine.


So I install windows 10 (official ofcourse)  the Windows make the auto update and then I download the mobo and Gpu drivers. Every time I do this I got a Green screen before booting. Sometimes the installation cuts with a problem 16sth  Then I try to restart it restart like one every 5 times and then the same. In 3 days Im Fighting with this thing Im super tired and frustraded I made like 10 different format to try other drivers options . I also download other drivers for the Gpu. In your site you have 3 different versions one I see its optional (beta or sth). No matter what I put again Green screen. I went to my store where I bought the system and they told me its a driver thing or a gpu there any solution for this?


Again I say even without any other program no other ap a completely clean pc it crashes and stop booting.



I even tried as alternative solution to7 install windows 7 but it says that I cant on ryzen and new mobo.



I know the options of sending this back and refund and buy an nvidia or sth but the fact is I dont think its a mechanikal7problem of the Gpu but sth messinsg with this wattman adrenaline and the drivers of the mobo probably.

Im very disspointed in your product.