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    No audio when recording with Relive


      Ive had this problem since 18.12.2 and I still havent figured out how to fix it
      Whenever I turn on relive, it neither records my mic audio or anything played in an application or etc

      I thought that maybe the problem was cause from my new headset (a Corsair Void Pro wireless) but even if it was the problem that shouldn't affect desktop audio
      I cant figure out what the problem is but I would like it to get fixed




      MSI 970A-G43 Plus

      16GB DDR3 1600 MHz

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          This problem is not only in this version. Audio recording not working on me too. In older driver version this working, but i dont know in those. If you want, you can try another recording software for recording. I used for recording open source software "OBS Studio". But this software is not very user friendly but you can try this or another.


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