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    thermal paste damaging processor


      I'm really lost since I've never encountered anything like this...: Just applying thermal paste and the cooler seems to damage the CPU without it being ever turned on before.



      • Processor: Ryzen 7 1700
      • Cooler: Mugen 5
      • Thermal Paste: Arctic MX-2


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Apply (a little) too much thermal paste
      2. Gently screw the cooler on top
      3. Pull it off again
      4. Observe the result, notice the effect only is on the sides of the heat spreader, not on top!


      The amount of thermal paste applied correlates with the erosion(?) on the CPU. I actually had a similar problem before but didn't notice it til the PC suddenly died. I shipped the CPU back and got it instantly RMA'd. Now I usually am someone who wants to find the error here, so I did every step that I usually do and after every step more than before observed the CPU again. And I noticed the same effect that I could see with the "broken" CPU was with this one -- without ever turning it on. Just applying thermal paste and (some) pressure results in this erosion. I honestly don't know what to say. Is this expected and no "problem" and the old CPU just died for some other reason? Did anyone ever encounter this symptom too?



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          Hi larkey


          on my Ryzen 5 1600 I have seen the same signs of erosion on the sides of the heat spreader having used the cooler provided by AMD and the pre-applied thermal compound


          IMG_4167 (3).png


          but it has not been cause to worry


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              thank you for answering!  At least that's kind of relieving, however I'm wondering then what was the issue with the old CPU.  I've been trying to get the new CPU to run but currently getting no output whatsoever, but I've no idea whether the issues are related at all.  I try to contact the official AMD support about the issue as a) I don't think this should be normal or at least documented by AMD and b) I still don't know what's the issue with my CPU if it isn't that.


              I think the best is to collect other incidents of this meanwhile.

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                  If you had two CPU with no outputs seems like it might be either a bad motherboard issue (bad socket) or possibly RAM Memory issue.


                  What Motherboard errors are showing up when you power up? (LED lites or LED Characters)?


                  Do you have the correct BIOS/UEFI version installed for your Ryzen CPU?  If you have the wrong version it won't boot up.

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                      I would think the same about it being the motherboard, but the new CPU shows different issues than the old one: Old did RESET all the time after like 10s of trying to boot and the new one does not do that, but simply refuses to show any output.  The LEDs of the motherboard are CPU, DRAM, VGA and OS of which the on the old CPU CPU and DRAM were alternating with sometimes VGA going on too, on the new one only the CPU LED turns on.  So, while it does look like a MB issue, the new CPU did change the behavior.  The firmware is the same as shipped, I didn't have time to update it yet, but it did boot up before and there was no change in the firmware between it working and not.


                      To rule out RAM I used a third RAM die I had still around for another build, but there was no different behavior with every configuration.