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    Ryzen 7 2700x Wraith Prism Cooler


      I figured to make a thread to see if anybody ever had this issue before.  My fan lights up, but doesn't spin.  It just no longer spins after less than a month.  This happened on Tuesday and I put in a request form.  I cannot be without a working computer, I'm ironically enough a CSA agent who works from home, so I decided to go to Best Buy and buy a Corsair H60 cooler.  It is working fine, thank God.


      Now I get an email from AMD stating they need video proof of it not working.  I bought it from Amazon and still have until January 29 to return my cpu/cooler.  I just wanted to exchange my defective cooler, which is under warranty and I have all the documentation, yet AMD is giving me the run around.  Anybody else experience this?


      If this is the type of customer service I get from AMD, I might just return the whole package to Amazon and get my money back to buy something else.

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          I am having the same problem with a brand new build.  Ryzen 2700x with the Wraith Prism cooler from NewEgg.

          I haven't even used the computer yet, just now setting it up and have only got to the boot screen.

          The fan tries to start and sometimes will spin for a few seconds and then stops.

          My main concern is being able to remove the cooler from the CPU with any damage.  If anyone has suggestions, I would like to have them.

          I have submitted a incident to AMD support but no one offered any response yet.

          Thank you for posting.

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              AMD got back to me and I received my new cooler.  The process took longer than expected, but everything is good now.  I hope they get back to you and you also get a working cooler.

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                  Thanks for the reply.

                  I am in a fix right now because I don't have the original packaging for the

                  processor, and because it is installed I don't have a serial number as well.

                  I as getting ready to attempt to remove the heat sink from the processor in

                  hopes that I don't damage the processor as well.

                  This could end up being a very expensive project, LOL.


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                      When removing the CPU Cooler be very careful because other Users have damaged their Ryzen CPUs when removing the CPU Cooler. Basically the CPU Cooler is stuck on the Ryzen that when you lift the CPU Cooler it pulls the Ryzen CPU from its socket. Damaging some pins in the process.


                      I would wiggle the CPU Cooler to loosen it from the CPU before lifting it.