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PC Restarts at Game shut down and Default Wattman Settings have been Restored notification

Question asked by lazor on Jan 11, 2019

3.jpgHello everyone!
I have an AMD Gigabyte RX550 2GB DDR5 GPU which I bought a year ago.
I have played various games on it like PUBG, Call of duty and haven't encountered any problem until now. I have been playing Rainbow Six Siege for the past 3 weeks and everything was working fine. I was able to press "Alt+Tab" to switch between game and browser windows, but Since the last update 18.12.2, whenever I quit the game, my monitor just gives me a black screen, shows no output from GPU, and either hangs, or restarts on its own. This has been happening almost everytime I try to quit the game, or press Alt+Tab (which I have stopped doing now).

When I opened the AMD Radeon settings, there was a notification which said "Default Wattman Settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure", and I don't know what that means. I use MSI Afterburner to control the fan speed and temperature (which is on auto), and I could see that the temperature is also going a little high than before when I play the game. I also cleaned the GPU and installed it back. I was also trying to roll back to previous drives (17.1 something) as I never had any problem in those, but I am unable to find previous drivers on AMD Website too.
To add, I have never overclocked my GPU or changed any of MSI Afterburner's settings for quite a while now, and I am getting a little worried about my GPU as it's warranty period just expired and I am not sure what's wrong.


System Specs:
Processor: Core i5-2400 @3.10GHz
Operating System: 64 bit
GPU: AMD Gigabyte RX 550 2GD5
Windows: 10 (Home) (which got automatically updated on 1st Jan and I deleted most of those updates except the Security update)


Attached is MSI's settings at Idle state, please note when I started the pc, the GPU and Memory clock's were under 200, 300MHZ, then they suddenly went up to 500, 600 MHz, is this normal?