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Can't get blockchain driver to install.

Question asked by mobius378 on Jan 10, 2019

I have a mining rig with 13 rx 570's and the asus b250 mining expert. It worked fine for about a year. Then the hard drive died it was old out of a used pc. I got a new hard drive installed windows. The blockchain driver will not install. It will either bsod during the driver installation or on the reboot after the driver was installed. I can get it to work with only 8 cards. Any 8 cards of the 13 will work fine. When you add the 9th card it starts to bsod at which point you have to go in safe mode and remove the driver. Tried all version of windows from 1709 and up can't fine 1703. The only thing different is the hard drive. When the drivers aren't installed it shows all 13 cards in device manager. Bsod is system_thread_exception_not_handled atikmpag.sys which I assume is the amd driver. It has also given atikmdag bsod. All cards are overclocked and driver patched. ddu used between install.