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Lagging cursor/mouse in Windows 10 (64bit) but NOT in games (RX560)

Question asked by Mr.Byteside on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by samet



I already had contact by mail with AMD support (some time ago) and tried everything (>10 mails), but still the same problem.

Even send the graphics card back to seller who did not see a problem and send it back to me.


The problem is that I experience (unpredictable) stuttering/lag in my mouse cursor but in games (which can even run in a window like old Dune 2000) do not have this problem.


I also looked at other possibilities (see below), but I'm now pretty sure it is the software/driver of the graphics card. Please help! My guess is that it is something with the power save mode of graphics card, but not sure.


I like to buy AMD, but if this does not get fixed, I'm pretty sure my next graphics card will be Nvidia. Getting sick of this cursor stutter.


Stuff I also tried besides AMD mail support:

Latest AMD graphics drivers. Also with DDU (complete driver removal)

Update motherboard drivers (SATA, LAN, audio)

Update latest BIOS

Windows up-to-date and also checks like SFC

Try different mouse(s)

Reinstall mouse drivers

Freesync turned on/off. Checked monitor is in 60fps mode.

Change power (save) mode in windows (for usb devices etc)

Turned off all extra programs to see if it had effect on DPC latency (checker). Not.


My system:

4k LG IPS Scherm (at 10bpc) with Freesync on

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad Core

AMD RX 560 (version 19.1.1)

Windows 10 Pro 64bit (up-to-date) on a SSD (Crucial).

8 GB working memory

4TB HDD for documents

SSD (Samsung also documents)