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trying to crossfire "new but used" strix rx480 and getting constant crashing.

Question asked by bluntforcellama on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by bearcat22

So my old system blew up a few months back and the only things that survived was my rx480 and some ssds. so i rebuilt with the following...


Asus prime x470 pro motherboard

Ryzen 5 2600x (only slightly overclocked at 3.7)

Corsair lpx 16g 3200

evga 850 g2 psu


So ive been waiting for the next gen gpus to come out so i thought i could get a little extra performance just getting another 480 for now while i wait. i did find a deal on a used one on ebay that was in great shape and im pretty sure didnt come from a crypto miner. his ebay history says otherwise.


so when i first got this thing and installed it along with my other one, it seemed to work just fine. ran a timespy benchmark with nice results. but then shortly after i kept getting so many crashes. some time in a game, some times in windows, some times in the windows log in screen. all times was total crash, had to force restart. so at first i thought i bought a bunked up card. so i pulled everything out and tried it with just the "new" card. and it seems to work fine. can run timespy and other benchmarks just as good as my other card. so for the past week ive been googling the hell out of this and nothing is working. ive updated drivers, ive moved the cards around the mobo, i even bought a bigger psu thinking it was just crashing under full load (started with a 650 but now have 850 as listed above) but it wont stay stable with both cards in.


if anyone has had to deal with this and has some insight i would love to hear it!