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APU Ignored

Question asked by warsun on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2019 by black_zion

So. I saw the whole thing go down in the Conference. Yeah.... Just completely skipped past APUs huh? She talked about working on All these hardware.

Yeah i know that was Investors support. Good job on that. But i could notice right away.

Um... Shes not talking about Gaming consoles. She just mentioned it. So does that mean we are moving to Graphics cards on New Consoles?

Or does this mean you have no plans to set up higher performance Gaming consoles?


       She said nothing. That is concerning. Just as much as we have Enthusiast,Schools that need computers,and Cellphones. But no one is

pushing for Consoles in their designs in that conference. Yeah i heard the CEO of UB Soft. An yeah Stick with Vulkan but. I heard nothing about

hardware. What improvements are you on,in the developments of more pixels an Textures for APUs? What are you doing about the Higher FPS

for the new Consoles or Current consoles. What are the programming depts doing on getting more effects an graphics? Whats going on?


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