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cant add Microsoft apps to Radeon Settings

Question asked by hippgarooch on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by goodplay

I have 5 Rdaeon Systems, 2 vega 2 rx 470 1 hd 6750 and variouse friends with the same issue, any game we dowload from microsoft app store wont add to radeon settings and this is an issue with games like forza where you need to bump your fan up, my i5 6500k with vega 64 32 gb 2600mhz memory shuts down dut to heat in graphics card after about 15 mins on 4k full settings, runs for ever with fans running on full, but i have to manually do this each time i play, what a pain the , support are not being helpful with this prob, which considering the suposed partnership between the 2 is pretty pathetic.