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Wraith Spire RGB doesn't work correct

Question asked by ynk on Jan 9, 2019
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I recently bought a Ryzen 7. Installed it. Last week i found out you can control the leds on the Wraith Spire so i installed the RGB cable. RGB fusion doesn't detect it so i can't change it. Im 100% sure i put it in the right slot. I read my motherboard manual to be sure and it's in the correct spot. How do i fix this?


Thanks in advance!


edit: my motherboard is a Gigabyte x470

edit2: ok so it was kind of dumb of me not to update RGB fusion from the app itself (i did reinstall it but apparantly you can get RGB fusion 2.0 when you update it from the app). The next problem i have right now is that it does not display the right colours at all. Blue is no colour, green is red, red is green etc etc. What now?

edit3: okay i feel kind of dumb. I saw that someone fixed the colours by not plugging in the rgb cable, so i gave that a shot. Didn't work for me so i put it back. Turns out i had it plugged in the other way around :^    )


So if anyone is stupid like me and is searching the web for an answer, try this out.