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vpn problems

Question asked by paranamio on Jan 8, 2019

I anyone else having problems with the Adrenalin updates breaking their VPN?  I have an A10-7800 running winpro7 - patched.  Any time I try to update from Crimson to Adrenalin, the VPN breaks, i.e., I can no longer login nor make connections.  I disable the antivirus during installs - G-Data.  This is using OpenVPN (ProtonVPN)..  What follows is a laborious uninstall of the Adrenalin drivers and the VPN software, involving jv16, CCleaner, and hand-editing the registry -- and numerous restarts.  Only then can I reinstall the Crimson drivers and the VPN.  What a pain.  This has happened with every Adrenalin driver.  Of course uninstalling the Adrenalin drivers also breaks my monitor calibrations -  using Spyder Elite 5.2.


Any thoughts?