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Windows 10 Home might get "Pause Updates" option in 1903

Question asked by kingfish on Jan 8, 2019
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Microsoft's Windows 10 Home operating system lacks support for essential features that other editions of Windows 10 support. When it comes to updates, no option to pause or disable updates is offered in the user interface.

Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise come with options to pause updates for up to 35 days (and feature updates even further). While that is a one-time thing, as updates can only be paused again after installing the most recent updates, it is something at least.

Microsoft introduced the pause update functionality in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Updates are delivered to Windows 10 Home systems the moment they become available on Windows Update. Updates patch security issues or make other changes to the system; while that is good, usually, it happens quite frequently that updates may cause issues on systems.

Pausing updates is one option that Windows administrators have to block faulty updates from being installed on PCs running the operating system.

Updates and the required restart of the system may interfere with other operations as well, e.g. rendering tasks, conversions, or encryption of hard drives.

It appears that Microsoft plans to integrate update pausing functionality in the next feature update for Windows 10 Home devices.

Microsoft would not be Microsoft if it would not make the feature less useful as on Pro or Enterprise systems. Windows 10 Home administrators may pause updates for up to 7 days only as it stands.

While there is still development time left to make changes to the feature, 7 days is probably all Home users get when it comes to the pausing of updates.

windows 10 home pause updates

Home users find the option under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. A click on the "Pause updates for 7 days" link opens a new page with options to select the end date for the pausing (up to 7 days).

Windows 10 informs the user on the page that missed updates need to be installed before the pause option becomes available again.

Closing Words

Giving Home users options to pause updates at all is a step in the right direction; it may help users who run important tasks that updates should not interrupt and prevents the installation of faulty updates until things have been fixed.

There is no technical reason to limit the pausing of updates on Home editions to 7 days. Microsoft could very well have picked the 35 days that Pro and Enterprise systems support for Home editions as well but it has decided against it.

The 7 day period may work in some situations but it won't work in others. It is better than nothing but definitely not enough to give users control over the updating behavior of their devices.

Windows 10 Home might get "Pause Updates" option in 1903 - gHacks Tech News