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No signal after passing 40% installation of new amd radeon adrenaline software(during installing drivers)

Question asked by podlaktica40cm on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by esesna

So i have recently bought a new hdmi 1.4 cable for connecting my pc to my tv (lg uk6200pla, uhd). When i connected pc and tv, hdmi works untill login windows screen, then no signal message comes. When i boot in safe mode, hdmi works fine. Thats probably because windows uses its own display driver in safe mode, instead amd one. I tried reinstalling amd display driver, and replacing with the newest one, but during the installation, both screen (my main monitor and tv) go black, and after 1 second, my main monitor which is connected via VGA cable works normaly, but TV says no signal... My graphich card is radeon r9 380 2gb vram, which support 1. 4 hdmi. My tv has 3 hdmi ports and on official lg site there isnt hdmi version specified, but i think its 2.0. I would like to get full hd signal on my tv, not 4k and i think it should be ok because 1.4 hdmi supports full hd.