nVidia RTX 2060 has Vega 64 performance for $350; Sapphire tips AMD's hand that Navi is NOT imminent

Discussion created by black_zion on Jan 7, 2019
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Decidedly not what AMD needs to see right now. It does appear that mainstream cards, in a properly optimized game, are capable of 1920x1080 60fps performance average, which is going to spur game developers to include it, so if Navi lacks ray tracing, they're going to be at a significant disadvantage. Plus it only costs $350 while having Vega64 levels of performance, a card $50 more expensive...,5960.html

Battlefield V - FPS - 1920x1080, DX12 Ultra


...which leads to the second part: Sapphire immediately issued price cuts to their Vega cards (which have since been canceled, no doubt on AMD's orders). As PCGamesN points out, this would not have happened if Navi with GTX 1080 levels of performance (as was stated by AMD to be the case) was anywhere near, they'd have dumped the cards because they're going to collect dust on the shelf. Now they're just going to collect dust on the shelf, especially with nVidia to support VESA Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) starting January 15th meaning Freesync users aren't tied to AMD.