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Ryzen 3 2200g massive performance drop after 1 month of use

Question asked by duh316 on Jan 6, 2019

My PC build:

MB: ASRock A320M-HD

CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g with Vega 8

RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb Ddr4 2400mhz (2X4)

PSU: 400 Watt.

Before i will start,


I will say at once that all the possible drivers have been installed and re-installed, all the latest versions (Chipset, IGPU, USB, Net Framework and Visual C ++ 2015, BIOS, Radeon Config)

I already check malwares and also installed old drivers

I usually get more FPS in games like Fortnite(medium 50~90), Metal Gear Solid V(medium 60), Injustice 2(medium 60), etc but for past 3 days my fps is not even reaching this numbers and it drops FPS and have too much stuttering, all games is unplayable on the same preset.