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    My rig: The Overdrive


      I was feeling so blue with my old laptop that could hardly boot (Acer E1-571G), and I went a bit overboard with my new computer. Also the mining craze was growing and I was growing interested too. The only reason I do not have the coolest CPU back then (TR 1950X) is because my local store (PC Garage) only had the 1920X available.


      Now I have a lot of processing power sitting quietly in my little room, and I wish I had something interesting to do with it. A couple of times a month I enjoy 140 FPS in World of Warcraft at 1440p, but I am not really playing any more. I am more interested in OpenCL really.


      I have an issue with the air cooler NH-U14S from Noctua, which I have because the matching liquid cooler at the time, Enermax LiqTech TR4 280mm, had a (desing) problem and arrived leaking in the package, twice !


      RGB was interesting for me, but after spending so long carefully picking all the parts, I could spend no more time on it, so now my RGB just looks random. About my cable management ... you will have to excuse me, it was my first build, and now I have to take it apart if I want to fix the cabling. And I not sure I can fix it really.


      I have to say this rig made me an AMD fan. I mean I always had a preference for AMD because of Intel's ugly practices and prices (same for nvidia), but building my computer now made me an enthusiast.





      CPURyzen Threadripper 1920X 12-core
      CoolerNoctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3
      MotherboardGIGABYTE AORUS X399 Gaming 7
      Memory2x G.Skill Trident Z 16GB DDR4 3600MHz CL15 Dual Channel Kit
      GraphicsSapphire Radeon RX Vega64 8G HBM2 NITRO+, also second card nVidia GeForce GT 710 2GB DDR3
      Disc Drive 1SSD Samsung 960 EVO Series 250GB PCI Express x4 M.2 2280
      Disc Drive 2SSD Kingston A400 120GB SATA-III 2.5 inch
      Disc Drive 3Hard disk Seagate SkyHawk 6TB 7200RPM SATA-III 256MB
      PSUCorsair HXi Series HX1200i 1200W
      Casebe quiet! SilentBase 800 Window Orange
      MonitorASUS 27" MG278Q, 2560x1440 @ 144Hz
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          Very nice build! But yes, cable management needs work for that more cleaner look.  Most cases now and days, including yours, have that motherboard tray so you would wire them behind the motherboard and fit the connections through those grommets. 


          What are you doing with that second video card if you don't mine me asking.  Virtualization?

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              Thank you !


              Initially I bought the second card for my work computer where I wanned to connect 4 monitors, and the integrated Intel card would only carry 3. As expected, my company did not approve of my over-enthusiasm with the monitors count, so I moved the card back to my home computer.


              Now I use it sometimes to check compatibility for my little OpenCL program that I wrote just to learn the API (as a software developer). I want to learn OpenCL when I have the time, even though I have no professional use for it now, and sometimes I want to test my code on all 3 cards (AMD, Intel, nVidia, both GPU and CPU if possible). Come to think of it, recently my Threadripper CPU no longer shows up as an OpenCL device in the "AMD APP" platform... must be some driver updates.


              What do you mean virtualization ? Like using VirtualBox with 3D acceleration enabled for the guest OS ?


              Adrian Vasile Constantin

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              Respectable build man!


              You can find decent cables of various lengths on amazon, plus there are the usual sources for sleeved cables as well, but for the stuff that isn't seen, who cares about sleeved as long as it's quality and works.


              Heck, I still need to get inside mine and redo all of the cabling.  I got lazy earlier this year with the cable management when I did the upgrades and was lucky to even get my side panel on.

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                First builds always are a little messy. I wouldn't worry about it too much. That said though, improving the cable situation is as simple as unplugging a couple of them and running them through the grommets and back out. If you're ever inclined to do so I'd suggest starting with the motherboard's 24 pin and 8 pin EPS connectors.