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How many Displays can a A8 7600 support?  3 Displays cause sound issues

Question asked by jmartz65 on Jan 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by jmartz65
Ok, Im not a expert by any means so if I sound dumb, it's only because I am!


I have a system that I built to be used along with a sound system in an auditorium. Very basic use. It has a A8 7600 on a Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI (rev. 3.0) Motherboard. Running Win 10 64 bit. For a year and a half we used 2 displays, one had the main desktop on it and the second display was used to play videos on, and the sound is sent to the Auditorium's sound system. Everything worked great!


I now need a third display that will show a clock/timer on it. The motherboard has 3 display ports ( 1 x DVi, 2 x HDMI). So I added the third display using the open HDMI port. All the displays work perfectly, however when the third display is connected the sound get's unstable, Cracks and pops very noticeably, and cuts in and out at times.


This sound problem only happens when the third display is connected and a video is being played, and it doesn't matter which of the two extra displays is disconnected, as soon as it is the sound then returns to normal. If just audio is played such as MP3 file there is no issue even though all three displays are still connected. It only happens when video is played along with audio. It also happens with many different media players (Movies & TV, Windows Media Player, VLC Media player).


Thought it was a RAM problem because it only had 4 GB, So I put in 4 more, without any change in the issue. Updated the sound drivers also with no change.


So Questions:


Does this sound like a APU issue?


Is the A8 7600 APU not meant for 3 displays even though the board has 3 ports?


If I install a separate graphics card What do you recommend for 3 displays, and again this is very basic video and audio use? Gaming quality not important for this system.


Should I get a Dual Graphics card and run it with the Integrated Graphics of the A8? I don't totally understand the Dual Graphics feature so this is my last resort.


I really appreciate any help/advice you can give me.