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Pro Duo Polaris Driver Crashes Windows 7 on Startup

Question asked by meadhorn on Jan 5, 2019



I have a serious problem with my Radeon Pro Duo Polaris 32GB GPU. The card works only in VGA mode. After downloading and installing drivers from this site: Radeon™ Pro Duo (Polaris) Drivers & Support | AMD  and restarting computer my OS is freezing on startup (in the moment when the four-color animated Windows 7 logo entitled "Starting Windows"  appears on the screen)

After a few seconds the logo animation freezes and nothing more happens, windows doesn't start. I have to start the system in safe mode and remove the driver with DDU to be able to work in VGA mode.

I have already:
- checked the system with sfc/ scannow with a positive result ("Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations")

- get rid of all previous AMD GPU drivers (i had a RX 580 previously)
- did a clean install of Windows (Win7, Ultimate, 64-bit)
- installed all the uptades available


I have also tried installing older AMD software  (Radeon Pro Software Enterprise, Revision Number 17.Q2.1) and it didn't freeze Windows and it even worked (I tried Blender 2.79 GPU render) my my card was recognized as two radeon pro wx 7100 cards. But i guess it doesn't use its full resources, because 7100 has only 8 GB of VRAM.


What may be the cause and what should I do to get my Pro Duo working properly?