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help please. I am missing the settings/control panel for my AMD radeon HD8800M in win 10!?

Question asked by sacha on Jan 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by kingfish

please can someone help me, either I am completely losing my mind or it seems I don't have any access to settings or controls of my Radeon graphics on my Samsung Win 10 (64 bit) PC.

I have checked the device manager and it is showing driver installed and is up to date, according to the AMD website I have the correct one version: 15.200.1055.0 06/07/2015 and it is compatible with Win 10.My system information is showing the graphics info but I don't seem to have any way of accessing its settings.

desktop, right clicking there is no radeon, the taskbar has no radeon icon, and neither does customising the taskbar give me an option for radeon and looking through my programs I don't see anything radeon or AMD. searching all I get is 'amdkmpfd.msi' (uuhhh???, is this something I need to install??)

my graphics settings takes me to Intel HD Graphics 4000 Control centre.

Sorry this is one area I am really not good on, and I am confusing myself even more trying to understand or figure out why and how to fix it.... if the driver is installed, shouldn't that mean I should have access to settings !??


I did a clean install on the pc about 6 months ago from a win 10 download, I know before that clean install the settings were there to access.


any help please would be amazing and very much appreciated


the system info is attached