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Ultrawide VSR for R9 series

Question asked by warlord on Jan 5, 2019

Please provide VSR for 21:9 on older gpus. Stop the racism and elitism. You shouldn't make me buy even 590 RX at the moment, I need a better mid range gpu to ditch my 390X bought back in 2016 and have the feeling of future proof upgrade.


I know I should be able to choose up to 3440x1440 somehow from my native 2560x1080 resolution. Your devs and engineers should be informed that they made customers sad.!


It was a backfire mentioning in your slides that only rx 400, 500 and Vega series support VSR ultrawide...i will reconsider ever buying amd gpu again, because I have voted for that feature and now even in Twitter you AMD are dead silent. Injustice!