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    2019 Stream Content


      Hello community,

      Are there any games or content you all are interested on seeing more on the AMD channel? I.E. computer builds, a podcast, creative stuff or just a panel of AMD Staff doing some Q&A with the community, VLANs, AMD Fan Day or what ever you have in mind? Please feel free to post what interest you to see on the Twitch channel. Also, Who is the #1fan of 20 and who will it be for 2019?


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          MOAR GOAT SIMULATOR!  Gotta Get your Goat on!!!  This may just be the year that Goat Simulator gets GOTY!  Don't get left behind!  Start early!


          I'd like to see more build videos, and VLANs!  Occasional Q&A sessions would be cool too ("official" leaks, etc!)

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            I would Love to see more computer builds. Can't really afford to do my own, even budget systems, but would love to see some new computers builds. Maybe a few streams that are programming or engineering based from the engineers at AMD. something to give us more insight into the architecture. PS I am the number 1 Fan lol