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Finding out the exact memory timing strap behind new WattMan's "Memory Timing level"

Question asked by datspike on Jan 4, 2019

Hi everybody.

I was messing with custom timings straps for my RX 590 using the R_Timings from Vento041 and did a lot of testing this week to find out how the card behaves with different timings groups tweaked.

Then I've tried playing with the new "Memory Timing level" and got blown away by the results as the card did 5 Gbps better with more stability.

Now I'm sitting here and thinking "how they did it", and the most annoying thing is the timing strap which the driver sets are somewhere in the driver software, but I don't know where to find them.

Can anybody help me to find the exact memory timing straps which the new feature tells the gpu to use?