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    Why do i have to reinstall my GPU drivers everytime i boot my computer?



      Recently im having trouble with my Aorus RX 580. Everytime i boot up the system, i have to reinstall my GPU drivers (18.2.2), even if i already have them installed. If i do not reinstall them, i lose like 50% of the framerate. I have like a week with this problem. I already did a clean installation, using AMD tool to remove the old driver. Please, give me some help.

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          its probably because of a corrupt  driver description  file    a .ini  file i believe.  I would need to known your chipset to give more precise instructions;  but your next step  should be looking up what .ini files  have the graphics device descriptors  in them.  they will need to be deleted.     So what i would do is   this,   in this spicific order.    Do a  CLEAN Remove of current drivers again  ( don't reinstall yet, it will be last)   Then you want to delete the graphics hardware descriptor files. Reboot,  Then I would suggest you install the latest systemboard/chipset drivers again.  REBOOT  again. Then do the system update and see if it fills any missing files.  and Very Lastly,  reinstall the video drivers.    ---

                But the biggest thing is needing to get rid of the INF or INI files that identify device information for the graphics card.  Then get some good versions installed.  I don't recall the link, but there is a few instructions out there on how to find what device descriptor files need to be deleted. ( and as always, backup those files or move them before you delete.)   I hope this help. And the order of operation is very important.