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Sapphire r9 fury fans problem

Question asked by lelianad on Jan 3, 2019

Hi, i have weird problem(i think) with my card Sapphire r9 Fury Nitro.

When im in desktop(eventually hearthstone or something similiar) i have like 33-55c and fans are at 0RPM but when i will on some demanding game like Witcher 3 i got 82percent fans(like 3000RPM) and card sound like airplane jumbo jet

When i changed fan speed to 36percent(like 1300RPM i guess)card seems ok, silent and nice, 70c max

Another problem is ''magic button'' on card(bios i think) when i click him on card goes on 1100mhz automatically but not stable, card off benchmark/games instantly without even turning on the fans, so i use card only when button is off.

and here i have questions:

1.How should i set the speed of the fans? Is 1300RPM for games, and just leave passive for desktop? Or should i add more speed for games? is 70c a good limit for gaming?

2.Why card cant work properly when button is on(with this auto oc 1100mhz)Can be PSU issue? is this normal or card can be faulty?



Important info:

I bought this card used, the seller said the card was hardly ever used, it looks like it, card even got factory foil on cooler.

My PSU is neither good or bad, but should be enough for card i think :Thermaltake smart Se 730w

Rest of computer

i5 4590

Adata 2x4GB

Asrock B85 Pro4

Coolermaster CM 690



Sorry for my english, in my country almost no one has this card