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AMD Link can't reach PC

Question asked by dumy on Jan 3, 2019

I installed the AMD Link APP on my phone, enabled AMD Link Server but when I try to scan the QR Code or input the data manually it says "Your PC is unreachable. Please make sure your mobile device and your PC are on the same local network. Your PC firewall could also be blocking Radeon Settings". I tried to port forward the server port, disable the firewall, I'm on the same connection, WIFI on phone and cable in my computer. It didn't worked, I've restarted the phone, the computer, wifi connection on the phone, router, still the same error.

I've uploaded a screenshot with the radeon software version+my GPU, RAM, CPU.

And I tried in the firewall to add an exception for AMD Radeon Settings, same error, disabled the firewall, same error. And I don't have any antivirus so that is not and option.