Vega 64 low GPU usage in The Witcher 3

Discussion created by saynt614 on Jan 2, 2019
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So I just got a Vega 64 Reference Card


With everything on Ultra besides hairworks my GPU usage hovers around 50 to 70% usage resulting in drops to 50 fps or so.


I undervolted the card and set p6 to 1000mv and p7 to 1050mv and both clocks are at stock.


Runs stable in games like Overwatch and Madden 19 and utilizes the GPU at it's full potential getting great fps


However Witcher 3 is the issue. Doesn't matter if I'm in town or out in the open fields It refuses to utilize the full GPU and the performance sucks. My R9 390 was better than this...


PC specs are
Vega 64 Drivers are 18.12.2 (was on 18.12.1 but updated due to this issue)


16GB of Ram

750w PSU

2TB Hard Drive that Witcher 3 is installed on


I am playing at 1080p the temps are fine...the cpu usage is about 40%


I've rolled back the driver a couple months to 18.11.1 and it still has the same issue.


Any suggestions?