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Updating Drivers Changes the Version of my Graphics Card

Question asked by mtr1988 on Jan 2, 2019

So I'm currently trying to get NFS Payback running on my Dell Inspiron 7547, I have an AMD Radeon R7 M270. I had to upgrade my to Windows 10 a while back in order to run Battlefield 1 and it works great. But have been getting a "detected intel driver version" error. So I upgraded all my drivers and am noticing my Radeon driver switches my graphics card to a M265 hybrid. Going back into my device manager, it shows up as a M265. So I have upgraded the driver from the device manager which successfully shows up as a M270, but the AMD program doesn't recognize the driver and won't restart. Everything else is up to date on my laptop, I have even tried Crimson for 8.1 with the same results. There are two versions of Adrenaline on the driver webpage, downloaded both with the same issues. Any ideas why this is happening?