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After basking newegg over pricing, I have now ordered up a RX 470 which is a Polaris 10 based card to perk up games. With taxes it comes in under the previous $159 originally sought built with the fair price of US $99.99 the reduction covers the federal and provincial taxes


I am hoping that the RX 470 will deliver strong gaming at 1920x1080


Sapphire VCX 11256-28-21G Radeon RX 470 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express DVI-D - Newegg.com is the card I bought, I am repurposing the card for gaming


TechPowerup suggests the card is almost 5 GFLOPS which is about 5x more powerful than my GTX 750 can muster


With price rot this good I can now enjoy better gaming