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Gigabyte Radedon RX Vega 56 fails to install 18.x.x drivers on windows 10 (1803/1809)

Question asked by robo71 on Jan 2, 2019

Hi all,


I bought a Gigabyte Radedon RX Vega 56 card, and with a clean install I can get the 17.2.x drivers to work flawless, yet when I install the 18.x drivers (clean, or upgrade) I get a BSOD with a THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER error. It seems it's trying to push wattman settings it does not like. After that it gets in a boot loop, only safe mode, uninstall makes the pc usable again.


Any thoughts?

Asus Prime X470 pro

Ryzen 2700

Gigabyte Radedon RX Vega 56


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