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AMD FX-8350 ALL browser issues

Question asked by cbc1978 on Jan 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Hardwood

Current set up:


Fresh install windows 10 - all updated.

AMD FX-8350 - liquid cooled (not overclocked) no thermal issues

XFX R7-370 2gig video card

DDR3 16gigs - tested 1600 and 1866 with same results

MSI 970 gaming board 7693 release.  All updated.

1TB SSD drive


Basically, the issue is when I use the latest drivers from the AMD support site, if I browse any media site,,,, the browser halts (like it's refreshing, and reloads the page one or two times).  Eventually the page loads, and I can browse it.  But it's become quite annoying, to the point where I don't want to web browse because of the nonsense.


Latest drivers tested:  18.12.22 and 18.12.23 were tested and fail.  If I use the default windows 10 WHQL, everything runs flawlessly, which is 17.1.1.


Why I can roll back to the windows default and have it run flawlessly is beyond me, but I think this will be an issue when it comes to gaming.  It hasn't yet but I'm sure I'm losing some FPS in some games due to the lack of updates to the driver since 1/1/17.  Who knows, maybe I won't.


Again, this is a fresh, then updated Windows 10 Professional install.  Only windows 10 antivirus is installed, no other protections.  Nothing unusual installed whatsoever. 


I just want AMD to know (if they don't already), that after hours of troubleshooting (could game just fine), that I narrowed it to something in the video driver causing the issue.  12.18.22 and .23 have some issues, and they're quite annoying at that.