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New graphics card makes win 10 very sluggish.

Question asked by crockett on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by crockett

Hi everyone. New to this site. Every new graphics card I try makes win 10 very sluggish. I’ve tried 3 different cards as well as tried different driver versions. My old card doesn’t affect win 10 performance at all. My psu is a thermaltake rated at 650w. One of the cards I tried was a Radeon rx 550. It requires less power but still makes win 10 sluggish. I made sure to plug the new card in the x16 slot. I also used DDU to remove any previous drivers. My old card is a gigabyte gpu and my motherboard is also a gigabyte.



i7 930 @ 280ghz

32GB DDR 3 Ram

PSU thermaltake 650w

Gigabyte motherboard

Windows 10 Pro 64bit


Cards I tried:

Radeon RX 550

Radeon RX 580

Geforce GTX 1060