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Why is UEFI POST not being displayed?

Question asked by oldgazer on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by oldgazer

I have a brand new RX570 card installed in a working system.  On bootup the monitor screen is blank and it does not show UEFI POST messages (I have LOGO disabled).  When I go to Settings > Advanced > Command Prompt the monitor is blank.


Once I get logged into Windows 10 every thing is fine.


To change any UEFI settings I have to take the RX570 out and put an older HD4670 card in.  This is totally unacceptable...


The monitor is a Dell VGA connected to the RX570 DP port via a DP to VGA adapter.  I am using Windows 10.  Mother board is an ASUS A88XM-A with 16 gigs of DDR3 ram. Processor is an AMD Athlon X4 880K running at 4gHz.  All UEFI settings are default.  UEFI firmware is the latest version.  RX570 BIOS is the latest version.  All AMD video sfotware is the latest version.  So what's the deal?  Is this a boot time issue with the RX570?  Is it a UEFI issue?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.