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Question asked by redache on Jan 1, 2019

Hi, I just found a WAY to fix the relive overlay freezing.

so if your relive stops recording games and when you try to toggle the overlay the cursor freezes but nothing else happens, it's simply cuz you disabled some services that should be activated when you boot up you pc.

now how i fixed it,

press Windows + R or go to start and write this : msconfig

in general, under selective startup, make sure that  "load system services" and "load startup items" are checked, CHECKED NOT HIGHLIGHTED!


how i think this fixed it? i had a program that makes my pc booting time faster by disabling services, and i noticed that when i installed relive first time it was working fine but after first restart it stopped working right, so that must be it.

hope it works with you as it worked for me.



*I dont know where to post this so i just crashed it in here, if there is a more appropriate forum plz move it there, thanks.