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RX 570 Code 43; Drivers Won't Install

Question asked by 00cjstephens on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2020 by bigwiz

I just bought a slightly used (not for mining) RX 570 8GB on eBay to replace an old Nvidia GTX 640. The setup DVD which came with it will try to launch, but never open a window, and claim to be already running when I ran setup again. I downloaded the most recent drivers for this card from AMD using the Adrenalin program, but after it finishes installing and restarts, the AMD settings tells me that AMD drivers are either not installed or are not working properly. The card shows up in Device Manager under the correct label, but is shown as not working under error code 43. I have done everything I can think of - removed all graphics drivers with DDU, deleted C:\AMD, deleted AMD registry keys, and run the driver installation time and time again. I'm totally out of ideas. What could possibly be causing the card to act like this in my system?