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Need help with my a8-7600 based PC.

Question asked by zopzop on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by zopzop

I have a HP EliteDesk 705 G1 Desktop mini with the A8 PRO 7600B and this thing doesn't seem to be performing as it should in terms of games.  I realize this is an older apu and I'm not expecting to play AAA games in 1080p or anything. 


My system setup is as follows :

Windows 10 64bit (up to date)

AMD A8 PRO 7600B apu (the 65W version)

8GB 1666mhz RAM (2x4)

256GB 7200RPM HDD


I double checked everything that could be holding it back.  The RAM is in dual channel mode.  The power profile is "high performance."  All the drivers (especially the APU drivers) are up to date.  It's running cool and not overheating.  I downloaded and installed various PC inspection software like CPUZ/GPUZ and everything they report seems to coincide with what the specs should be according to AMD.


I ran various tests in the 3dmark suite and it seems my system is performing at HALF of what it should be.  For example, 3dmark Firestrike 1080p score should be 1414 but it's 707!


As a last resort, I downloaded AMD Overdrive and just messed around with some of the settings (the settings reset to default as soon as the pc is turned off so I could experiment a little).  Again nothing I did worked until I turned off Turbo Core Control.  I ran the Firestrike test again and got almost exactly the score that was expected  : 1389!


Can anyone explain why this is happening and help me?  I googled around and people recommended you enable Turbo Core Control if you don't overclock because that's what gets you the best performance, but in my case it's the exact opposite.  The annoying this is, as soon as I turn off/shut down the pc, when I turn it back on later the setting is reset and Turbo Core Control is enabled again.