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Game: Empire Earth (2001) FPS problems

Question asked by basilik on Dec 30, 2018



I need your help to fix a problem I have with a game. I love this game and I am sure there is a possible fix but I cannot do it on my own.


Last week I bought a new computer (the components) and build it myself. Everything is working fine. I am using a Radeon RX 580. I am really impressed by this graphic card and I am very happy with it.


There is only ONE problem I have and I hope you can help me. I play a very old game, its called Empire Earth from 2001. Normally this graphic card should have NO problem with this game.


When I start a game, eveything is ok but when I build more and more units the FPS are going down.


I made a video for you, so that you can see what the problem is. I also show you my settings in the Radeon control panel.


I tried many different things ... but I found no solution. You guys are my last hope. It must be a Graphic card problem. I tried it with my old graphic card (Nvidia GTX 550 Ti), the fps were ok but the game crashed randomly. So at least (and thats really good) my new graphic card (the RX 580) doesn't crash ... but the FPS are the problem.


Here is the video where you can see the FPS problems and the settings in game + in Radeon settings:


Graphic card problem game - YouTube


In the game there is an option where I can choose: Direct3D or Direct 3D Hardware TnL

--> When I choose Direct3D, the FPS is much better (all the time around 50 fps) BUT the whole map is flickering and show some errors.


Any ideas what I can do?