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Most stable and "Good" driver for Ryzen 5 2400G Windows 10 2019 January ?

Question asked by f4m4z on Dec 30, 2018

So I have tried a 2 drivers , 18.12.x series and 18.9.3


And I wanted to know , What is the most stable and best driver for Windows 10 1803/1709 versions ?


Because 18.12.x series fixes alot of things but breaks other things (e.g. My RAM shows up as DDR4 but GPU load stats are broke everywhere)


On the other hand , 18.9.3 works fine but the Performance Monitor won't work , RAM type shows up as "0"

Can't use custom resolutions


So , TL;DR what should I use ? 18.12.x or 18.9.3 or something else ?