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Suddenly higher gpu use after installing W10, any suggestion?

Question asked by sauzer123 on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by goodplay

Hello. I'm just wondering it this is normal or not. I have a RX 570 and until yesterday I was running W7 and with afterburner I noticed that the gpu/memory clock is always at 300mhz even while watching 1080 videos or anything on youtube. Basically, only during games the clock would go up and the card would start working. Today I installed W10 on SSD and I noticed a very different gpu usage... during 1080 videos (or youtube) the memory clock goes to 1000mhz e and even the gpu clock goes higher than 300. I tried several players (vlc or potplayer) and disabled chrome hardware accelerartion as well.

Now I'm wondering... is this behaviour normal? Did i mess with some settings on windows or calayst during install? Or is the behaviour different due to newest calalyst drivers (the ones i had on w7 were some months old)? I dont think it's normal that under w7 my card would be basically always in idle during normal computer usage (browsing, videos) and only be used under gaming, while now with w10 it seems to work a lot more with me doing the same things.


On task manager I also noticed that the processes that use the gpu are basically just desktop window manager and client server runtime process, but they're both under 1% even during videos.


Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Anyone with W10 and a similiar video card can tell me if it happens to you as well or just me?

Thank you in advance!


PS I just noticed that if i reinstall the drivers, the usage goes back to normal until i get a warning from w10 saying "Radeon settings has detected that one or more high dpi panels are connected to your system", then it goes back to higher usage... any idea what does this message mean and why its causing this? Thanks!