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HP Z600 with RX 470 - freezing screen in Windows 10

Question asked by xagyg on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2019 by xagyg

I just got an HP Z600 and installed an RX 470 card (with drivers). I have the latest BIOS (Mar 2018). Windows 10 is installed. When at BIOS screen (sitting on it for a while) or DOS (e.g. running memtest86 memory check) everything works fine, but when Windows is running the screen freezes. It can freeze anywhere from right at the start of loading to a few minutes later (when using Windows). Does anyone know what may be causing this?


Memory tested ok. Since it doesn't freeze at BIOS or memory testing, hardware is probably ok.


CPU X5647

OS Windows 10

Graphics Card AMD Radeon Rx 470


HDD 2 x 500GB

AMD Drivers for RX470 loaded

(All other AMD software removed)