RX590 won't start

Discussion created by adlet on Dec 29, 2018


I've recently bought a new graphics card to upgrade my PC( AMD RX 590). The old GPU I had was Nvidia GeForce 960.
The issue I have is that after I install the new GPU on my motherboard I have no signal to the monitor. The PC boots but I get no signal to the monitor(I tried both with a HDMI cable and a DVI cable). The fans are not spinning on the new GPU once I start the PC but the blue light that indicates the power is connected to it. If I switch back to the old GPU it works fine.
Currently I have this motherboard Gigabyte H81M-S2V. Which only has 1 PCI-E 2.0, but as far as I know a 3.0 should work on a 2.0.
Any advice on how to make it work would be appreciate.
Thank you!


The BIOS mode is on Legacy (Took this form system information) and it has the last version possible form the manufacturer's site. Could this be the cause of it? Do I need to reinstall my windows using UEFI mode to be able to use the new GPU?