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Mac mini - RX 590, Asus XG-STATION-PRO, Philips Brilliance 349P7FUBEB monitor, Freesync?

Question asked by mjsmit on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by pokester

Hi there,

I have a Mac mini 2018 and have ordered the Saphire RX 590 Nitro+ special edition in combination with the Asus XG-STATION-PRO eGPU dock. I cross my fingers, but reckon the combination will be a very nice setup. I hope to receive the graphics card and Asus dock next week.

Today I looked for a nice UWQHD monitor to complement this very nice setup and found on the net the Philips Brilliance 349P7FUBEB.

I looked at the specs and downloaded the manual. The word "FreeSync" is not mentioned anywhere. The words AMD adaptive synch are and reference is made in the manual to AMD R7 and R9 graphics cards which are compatible.

I wonder why the manual does not mention other AMD graphic cards? Do you think FreeSync will work flawlessly ?

I read somewhere that adaptive sync and FreeSync are the same thing, but would like to double-check with you guys and girls.


Looking forward to read your expertise on this.