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New Sapphire Pulse RX Vega 56 sounds like it has Asthma (won't go above 57 degrees and fans keep turning off and on to keep it there)

Question asked by chanandlerbong on Dec 29, 2018
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Just got a new RX Vega 56 and have been testing it in heaven benchmark and some games. In every game I play and every Heaven benchmark I do the card will get to 57 degrees and then the fans will keep gaining speed and decreasing speed constantly in order to keep it at that temperature. This is very annoying as I sit right next to the pc and the sounds comes through my headphones and is really irritating.


Furthermore I worry that this will effect games via thermal throttling but I do not have the knowledge to assert whether that is true or not.


I have had a fiddle about in Wattman based on this youtube video RX Vega Overclocking & Undervolting GUIDE - YouTube but the results were quite unstable for me and i've reset to the default "Balanced"


I really would like to know if there is maybe something I can do with the fan curve or manual fan speed to sort this out as its quite annoying.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.