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AMD Sata Controller drivers glitchy and bugged

Question asked by xdemoncamberx on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by waltc

So I've been getting random milliseconds long audio drop outs as well as framerate stutter system wide, more noticeable in games ONLY when the Amd Sata Controller drivers are installed (supplied by amd to microsoft and baked into windows 10 install) however, when I manually update the drive to the Microsoft Standard Sata Ahci Controller drivers, all the issues subside and are no more. Also if I install the AMD sata controller drivers (have to dig to find these on google, they were pulled for some reason and never released) the problem is also gone. You can find them here AMD SATA Controller AMD 2015/04/15


I'm on Ryzen and the x370 chipset on AM4. Asus Crosshair VI Hero mobo.


Has anyone had this issue?